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Chemo Cost – 13 Factors Contributing To Chemotherapy Cost

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Factors Contributing To Chemo Cost
Factors Contributing Chemotherapy Cost

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What Comprises Chemo Cost?

Chemotherapy is a form of chemical drug therapy. It destroys the rapidly growing cancer cells in the body. The costs for chemotherapy or chemo cost can vary. The cost of best chemotherapy in India depends upon many factors. The factors which determine the chemotherapy cost are as follows:

The Drugs to be used – Indian or imported:

Chemo cost differ depending on the drugs used for the patient. The drugs manufactured in India will be lower in price as compared to the imported drugs imported. Hence, the patient or the caregivers have to make a choice of drug for the treatment. Read More

Diagnosis And Breast Cancer Treatment Options

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Symptoms which women should look for to detect breast cancer
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Breast Cancer – Benign Tumours

Breast cancer treatment: It’s important to understand that most breast lumps are not cancer, they are benign. Benign breast tumours are abnormal growths, but they do not spread outside of the breast and they are not life threatening. But some benign breast lumps can increase a woman’s risk of getting breast cancer. Any breast lump or change needs checking by a health care provider to determine whether it is benign or cancer and whether it might impact your future cancer risk. In fact, advances in screening and treatment have improved survival rates. To sum up here, in this article we will read about the screening tests, diagnosis and treatment options for breast cancer and symptoms of breast cancer. Read More

Get Lower Chemotherapy Costs in Mumbai

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Chemotherapy Cost in Mumbai- 1 Way Of Getting The Best Price

Chemotherapy cost in Mumbai : Cancer is the most dreaded disease grabbing millions of people under its arm. According to WHO, cancer is the leading cause of death globally, resulting 8.8 million deaths in 2015. Year by year, cancer cases are increasing in a rapid phase and the chemotherapy cost is also high in some places across India due to many reasons. Major reasons behind the cause of cancer are:-

  • High body mass index
  • Lack of exercise
  • Consumption of tobacco and excess intake of alcohol
  • Non-friendly intake
Chemotherapy cost in mumbai, Chemotherapy cost in india, Chemotherapy cost
Chemotherapy cost in mumbai

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Chemotherapy Drugs

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Chemotherapy Drugs Cost and Options

Cancer cells grow by dividing in a disorderly and uncontrolled way. Chemotherapy is the use of drugs to treat cancers. However, chemotherapy is rarely used in isolation and is often paired with surgery, radiotherapy, immunotherapy or a combination of these. Indeed different chemotherapy drugs work in different ways. And interfere with the cancer cells at different phases of their growth. Therefore, a combination of drugs is often used.

Types Of Chemotherapy Drugs
Chemotherapy Drugs can be given as Injections and Tablets or Capsules

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What Is Radiotherapy – Types Of Radiotherapy And Side Effects

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Radiation Therapy For Cancer to treat cancer safely and treating cancer
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What is Radiation Therapy or Radiotherapy?

Radiation therapy or radiotherapy is the use of various forms of radiation to safely and effectively treat cancer. It controls the growth of the cancer or relieves pain. The goal of radiation therapy for cancer is to get enough radiation into the body to kill the cancer cells while preventing damage to healthy tissue. There are different radiotherapy types.

Depending on the location, size and cancer type, high-energy particles or waves (such as X-rays, gamma rays, electron beams or protons) destroy or damage cancer cells. Radiation therapy works by damaging cancerous cells. Read More

Oncology – Cancer Treatment

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Oncology - Cancer Treatment
Oncology – Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancerous Mass and Tumour (Image Credits –


The term oncology means a branch of science that deals with tumours and cancers. The word “onco” means bulk, mass or tumour and “logy” means to study. So, oncology is a branch of medicine that studies and specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of cancerous mass and tumours. Diagnosis and cancer treatment is complex. Read More

Cancers in Youth

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Cancers in Youth
Certain cancers are more common in youth

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Cancers in Youth

Many people, especially teenagers, find speaking to anyone about their bodies totally embarrassing & daunting. It’s important to remember that cancers in youth is rare and it could be that the symptoms are due to an ordinary every day illness. When it comes to cancer, this physical awareness is a good thing. We all should know our bodies , so if we find that something has changed and we can’t explain it, it’s important to get it checked out. Getting answers and support as soon as possible is vital in helping alleviate some of the anxiety caused by not knowing what’s wrong. Almost two thirds of people show at least two of  most common cancer symptoms: pain, lump/swelling, tiredness, headache or drastic weight loss. Read More