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PET Scan Cost

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PET scan cost @ 50% less price – Quality providers

We are aware that PET scan cost can be unaffordable, however we can help get you upto nearly 50% lower prices than industry standards across quality centres in India. The PET scan cost when done at a hospital when admitted there will cost around Rs. 25,000/.

In labs outside hospitals the price can be substantially lower i.e. even as low as Rs. 8,000/-


Economically challenged patients can be offered more discount/subsidy at select centres.  You will receive an email. Send us the patient’s Aadhar Card copy and hospital where treatment is being received.

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What is Pet Scan?

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What Is PET Scan And How Does It Work?

A simple answer to what is position emission tomography (pet scan) : PET scan is a type of imaging evaluation which utilizes small amount of radioactive material called trace so as to observe if the organs and tissues in the part of the body are intact or they have been affected by a disease.

This is why it can be used as an important diagnostic tool to assess the occurrence of a disease by detection at a very early stage so the possibility of treating it will be easier.

What is PET scan, pet scan meaning
PET Scanner – Monitor                                                 Image Credits:

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Everything You Need To Know About PET CT Scan

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Thessaloniki, Greece - February 17, 2016 Official opening of the first CT imaging PET-CT scanner (PET-SCAN) in northern Greece in the hospital C. Papageorgiou
PET CT Scanning Machine

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Positron Emission Tomography-Computed Tomography (PET CT scan) combines two imaging techniques. It provides information from a precise location, size and details of an internal organ or tissue, as well as any aberrance in its metabolic activity during a single imaging session.

The dual scanning technique enables excellent fusion of the PET and CT images. Because of the effectiveness of the dual technique, it makes it possible to diagnose diseases in their earliest stages. Also, provide a more accurate way in patient evaluation, a subsequent therapy strategy and monitoring of patients responses to treatment.

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