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Calcium score test for Heart Blockages

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                            Heart Blockage Test Calcium score

What is Heart KYC (Know your Calcium)?

Heart KYC (Know your Calcium) score is a test that measures the amount of coronary artery calcium (CAC). Coronary artery calcium is the calcium (Ca) that is deposited within the abnormal plaques caused by damage to the lining of the arteries. In simple words it means heart blockage test calcium score.

The coronary artery calcium score plays an important role in diagnosing cardiovascular disease. Calcium score test is considered as best predictor of a future heart attack. This test is also known as coronary calcium scan, calcium scan test and Cardiac CT for calcium scoring.


Heart blockage test calcium score

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Preventive Health Checkup And It’s Importance

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Preventive Health checkup to track body changes for any abnormal activity within the body
Preventive Health Checkup To Track Changes In Body

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Preventive Health Checkup

The progress in medical research and development has resulted in longer life span. An increase in lifespan is really good but the quality of life is degrading due to preventable diseases. Elderly people are getting chronic diseases repeatedly which are making their daily lives difficult. In this article, you will read about importance of preventive health checkup, methods of preventive care, measures to be taken at home, things to keep in mind before preventive health checkups, advantages, who should get preventive health checkups etc.

There are millions who die every year due to various chronic diseases. Most common diseases are cardiovascular problems, respiratory issues, diabetes, unintentional cuts and infectious diseases. In 2011, the World Health Organization estimated 55 million deaths. 2/3 of 55 million died out of non-communicable diseases. 60% of the deaths in 2000 were due to these diseases only. Read More

Full Blood Test and Types of Tests

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Full Blood Test not only prevent us from life threatening disease also to check the level of sex hormones etc.
Full Blood Test Done To Prevent Life Threatening Disease

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Full Blood Test

For a human body, blood is the most important element that keeps the organs running for life long. Every drop of the blood is essential. In other words, blood is truly a window to health of the body. Professional athletes and health conscious people regularly conduct a full blood test to monitor the condition of the fluid and check the glucose and hormone levels of their body. A doctor would recommend certain medication and dietary plan if they find any infection in the blood screening test. Read More

Full Body Health Checkup Cost

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full body health checkup cost
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Full Body Health Checkup Cost

Full body health checkup has become a prime necessity in today’s world. The best gift you can give yourself or your loved ones is the gift of good health. You may have heard of full body checkup plans given by many healthcare providers. But, do you know why you should opt for one? Or have any idea what is the full body health checkup cost?

Before getting into the costing factor of health checkup, let us first know why it is important to have a regular full body health checkup with medical professionals.

In this article you will read about who requires full body checkup, it’s cost, benefits, why do you need full body health checkup and why it is avoided. Read More

Complete Health Checkup Packages

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Complete Health Checkup Packages

Just like you invest in the retirement fund for financial benefit in the future, investing in the complete health checkup packages is also important to enjoy a healthy life ahead. Life is unpredictable and we don’t know when there will be unhealthy period. So why take a risk and have an unsecured life.

Having a regular health checkup is extremely important as it allows you to get regular updates about your health.

complete health checkup packages
Health Checkup Packages                                Image Credits –


Many changes takes place as we grow old. So how does one get to know about these changes? The answer is, with periodic health checkup hence, allowing the doctor to get early detection and diagnosis of illness and other health issues. The checkup is done to get proper health information in order to provide right diet plan.

Cost of checkup is one of the main concerns an individual has. Many patients find it hard to pay for the health checkup and eventually end up avoiding it. Read More

Full Body Check up

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Full Body Checkup Required Regularly
Full Body Checkup

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Medical History form for your full body checkup

Medical test for full body checkup need to be targeted and specific to the age, sex and other factors of an individual. They need to be performed regularly at a particular frequency.

The number and frequency of tests need to be determined by established evidence and in compliance with international guidelines.

Can be more harm than good

Excessive testing can be do more harm than good, waste money  annually and could endanger your health or even your life.

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Preventive Healthcare

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Preventive healthcare refers to measures taken to prevent diseases rather than to treat them
Preventive Healthcare

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Advances in medical research have led to increased life spans. However, each year, there are millions of people who die preventable deaths. These include cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease, unintentional injuries, diabetes, and certain infectious diseases.

The World Health Organisation estimated that in 2011, 55 million people died worldwide out of which 2/3rd were due to non-communicable diseases. In 2000, 60% of deaths were attribute to these diseases.

As people grow older, they may get diseases repeatedly or suffer conditions that impact their daily functioning. Preventive healthcare is incredibly important given the worldwide rise in prevalence of diseases and deaths resulting from them. Read More