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Chemotherapy Cost in Mumbai- 1 Way Of Getting The Best Price

Chemotherapy cost in Mumbai : Cancer is the most dreaded disease grabbing millions of people under its arm. According to WHO, cancer is the leading cause of death globally, resulting 8.8 million deaths in 2015. Year by year, cancer cases are increasing in a rapid phase and the chemotherapy cost is also high in some places across India due to many reasons. Major reasons behind the cause of cancer are:-

  • High body mass index
  • Lack of exercise
  • Consumption of tobacco and excess intake of alcohol
  • Non-friendly intake
Chemotherapy cost in mumbai, Chemotherapy cost in india, Chemotherapy cost
Chemotherapy cost in mumbai

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There are various treatments available to treat cancer. This includes therapies like Radiation Therapy, Chemotheraphy, Stem Cell Transplant and a few others. The most common is the chemotherapy. However, the chemo treatment cost may be high which requires a high financial backup.

The cost also depends on the timeline and the severity of the disease. It also depends on the country and the infrastructure of the hospital. However, chemotherapy cost in India is comparatively low as compared to overseas. Also in India, major hospitals are equipped with high-end infrastructure.

Before learning the cost of chemotherapy and how can one save the money, let us first learn about the chemotherapy.

What is Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy is a process to treat cancer and eliminate the virus entirely
Chemotherapy-Intravenous infusion

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Chemotherapy is a process to treat cancer and eliminate the virus entirely. It involves a range of drugs that kills the cancer cells that keeps on multiplying over the period of time. The process involves consumption of drugs and other process which involves different sessions. Chemotherapy treatment cost depends on the total sessions done overall.

There are two main reasons to do chemotherapy:

  • To Treat Cancer: Chemotherapy is for curing cancer and to lessen its effect in the long term.
  • Bring down the symptoms: The therapy can help to shrink the tumors and its symptoms.

Chemotherapy agents work to cause the death of the cell entirely. There are different types of drugs which kills the cancer cells. The cost mainly depends on the drug prescription to the cancer patients. In some cases during the chemotherapy session, the level of blood cells falls down. If the white blood cell count is low, then the risk of infection is high.

Use of Chemotherapy Treatment:

There are reasons to conduct this treatment. Some of the reasons are to:

  • Eliminate the early-stage breast cancer cell that may be left behind after the surgery and reduce the risk of arriving back.
  • Bring down the size of tumor before the surgery or radiation therapy.
  • Destroy cancer cells entirely after the surgery which is also called as Adjuvant Chemotherapy.

Who receives Chemotherapy?

Patients who has undergone surgery and still have cancer cells receive chemotherapy
Chemotherapy Conducted On Cancer Patients

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As mentioned, chemotherapy is conducted on cancer patients. There are patients who might have undergone the surgery, but still have the cancer cells. These patients are the one who receive chemotherapy treatment.

The treatment is tailored specifically for the person and the condition of the cell. When deciding which level of treatment is best for you, seek assistance from the doctor. During the consultation, you can even note down the chemotherapy treatment cost. This helps in getting the finance ready for the treatment until the cancer cell completely eradicates.

The Cost of Chemotherapy:

The main reason of high cost of chemotherapy in India is the high cost equipment required, setting up a cancer hospital also requires huge cost etc.
Chemotherapy Cost

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One of the biggest concerns for every cancer patient is the cost of the chemotherapy treatment. In India, the cancer treatment is quite expensive. The main reason is the high cost equipment required to screen the patient. Moreover, setting up a cancer hospital also requires huge cost. All these overheads adds to chemotherapy test bills and other cancer treatments.

Chemotherapy cost in India is also high due to the high cost of drugs in course of treatment. For instance- Herceptin or Herclon manufactured by Roche generally costs around Rs 75,000 for a single course. Similarly the for cost of chemotherapy for lung cancer and to treat kidney and gall bladder cancer, the drug (Avastin) costs around Rs 8 lakh. There are different cycles of chemotherapy which the patient needs to undergo. The patient’s condition and the stage of cancer determines the cost.

If we compare cost in Indian rupees with overseas, the cost of overseas hospital is much higher than in India.

With this high cost, the cancer treatment stays away from millions. If you’re rich enough to spend money on overseas treatment, then you can check out costing of various sessions and drugs provided according to the hospitals.

One of the reasons why the cost in Indian rupees for chemotherapy is high is because the new medicines introduced by pharma company are sold at a high price overseas and in Indian market. Even though there is a huge per capita income difference, pharma companies are selling these medications at higher price. For instance, if the drugs selling price is $30,000 in the US, the same drug costs the same or little lower in India. Fortunately, with too many pharma companies and government regulations on drugs, the pricing is quite low comparatively.

Cost of the chemotherapy in different cities of India depends on:

Cost of Best Chemotherapy in India depends on following:

  • Infrastructure of the hospitals
  • Techniques and Machines used for treatment
  • Cancer tests and investigation cost
  • Surgeon and room cost

In most of the Indian cities, the cost could be higher due to extra charges levied on equipment for the treatment. Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai are considered to charge higher for the treatment, compared to other cities in India.

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Hospitals and providers partnering to lower chemotherapy cost
Partners providing low cost chemotherapy treatment

Chemotherapy cost in Mumbai:

Some of the partners providing best chemotherapy in Mumbai at affordable price is mentioned in the image above. You can compare the chemotherapy cost in Mumbai on the website by filling up the form and select the hospital which suits you the best.

Other Treatment Options Consideration:

If the cost of chemotherapy is far out of your reach, then considering other options is the best way. Some of the options are:

  • Cancer Surgery: Not all cancer cases require surgery, as certain type of cancer just require drug therapy.
  • Radiation Therapies: There are different types including Systemic Radiation Therapy, Radiosensitizers, Intraoperative Radiation Therapy and few others. However, the frequency and type may depend on the medical condition of the patient.

The cost of Procedures:

In general, the cancer patient in India has to spend nearly INR 2-3 lakh. Also depends on the cancer stage. To get more specific in terms of chemo treatment cost, let us check different costing process:

  • Cost of the chemotherapy may cost INR 30,000 to 1 lakh for every session. This also depends on the drugs
  • Total session could be around 5-6
  • Head and neck cancer surgery could cost INR 2 lakh
  • PET-CT Scan would cost INR 25,000/-

Chemotherapy cost for International Patients:

With the advancement in Indian medical field, more and more international cancer patients are seeking treatment in India. Apart from the advanced medical equipment the cost of the treatment is also quite less for an overseas patient. If you belong to another country and are seeking chemotherapy treatment in India, then it is important to know the chemotherapy cost in India.

If you calculate the chemotherapy cost in Indian rupees, you would be spending much less than what you would have spent in US or European country. For example, the total cost of chemotherapy in US would cost $70,000 per year compared to around $2,500 in India. Similarly, for mastectomy in US costs approx US $22,000 compared to US $7,000 in India. So you can see how affordable it is for international patient seeking treatment in India.

How to save money for Chemotherapy Treatment:

Saving money from the cost is the biggest task and concern for the cancer patient. Fortunately, there are cost coverage methods, including the insurance plans which insurance companies offers. If you’ve got health coverage, then you can use it for your treatment purpose.

You must consult with the insurance agent to know how you can use the health insurance money for the chemotherapy treatment. Make sure to know the diagnostics costs like CT Scans, PET Scans, MRI and other diagnostics which the insurance can cover.

Apart from health insurance, you can also connect with the healthcare associates who’ve partnership with doctors and health specialists. One such is the ChooseDoctor Healthcare, which consists of doctors, medical service delivery and medical practice management professionals.

Cancer patients seeking discounts can connect with ChooseDoctor and get services at substantially lower price.

How Chemotherapy Works?

As mentioned above, chemotherapy works by destroying the cancer cells. It is injected into blood cavity or consumed orally in the form of drugs. The treatment works by destroying the cancer cells. However, sometimes these drugs fail to find the difference between cancer cell and healthy cells. This effects fast growing body cells, which fights actively against the cancer cells.

Cancer cells grow in different phases, some slow and some fast. As a result, doctors advice for different chemotherapy drugs that target the cancer cells accordingly. The chemotherapy cost will differ according to the type of drug injected in the body.

The Effective Result from Chemotherapy:

Before undergoing the treatment, it is important to know the risk involved and the after effects. Discussing with your doctor about the chemo treatment cost along with the involved risks is the ideal way. Long term negative complications, hair loss, changes in body structure and few others are certain implications. However, with the right dose of medication, the result of chemotherapy has always been positive.

Full Dose on Schedule:

A patient receiving full-dose of chemotherapy can have long-term benefits. The doctor after undergoing the report will sketch a treatment, based on the type of cancer and the stage. Doctor would plan for specific chemotherapy agents and doses, called as Scheduled Cycles. During the course of the period, the doctor updates the recovery condition.

The ultimate goal is to make the result of chemotherapy effective and eradicate every single cell of cancer from the body. However, the doctor will also check if the count of white blood cell is high, because if the count is low it could affect the immune system.

The timeline of the chemotherapy depends on:

  • Type of cancer
  • Whether done for treating, controlling or bringing down the symptoms
  • Type of chemotherapy and how body responses

The patient may receive the treatment every day for a week or 4 weeks of one cycle. During the course of treatment, if the patient experiences any side-effect, the doctor can stop the treatment for a while or completely.

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