Full Body Check up

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Full Body Checkup Required Regularly
Full Body Checkup

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Medical History form for your full body checkup

Medical test for full body checkup need to be targeted and specific to the age, sex and other factors of an individual. They need to be performed regularly at a particular frequency.

The number and frequency of tests need to be determined by established evidence and in compliance with international guidelines.

Can be more harm than good

Excessive testing can be do more harm than good, waste money  annually and could endanger your health or even your life.

Screening tests often yield false-positive results that lead to a spiral of unneeded invasive procedures, medications and even surgeries. If you have symptoms or certain risk factors, these tests can be valuable — even lifesaving.

Current we see people choosing a list of tests to be done based on their affordability and what is packaged (max number of tests for a lesser price).

This is not the appropriate method of choosing what tests need to done. In-fact it should be the other way around.

Determine with proper history taking by a physician what tests that need to be done first and then find out where to get it done at a lower cost.

Our Solution

Hence we have put together a medical history form that defines baseline information and forms the basis of planning what tests need to be done. Further when and with what frequency.

This medical history form has been created so to help capture information that is required for decision making. In India we do not have any standards set as yet, so we are referring to international standards guidelines.

Please note this form has been created to aid and is not an alternative to meeting and consulting with your doctor.

We have seen people do tests based on their understanding of their symptoms without even consulting a doctor. We believe this should not be done.

This checklist of questions will give your doctor a good heads up. This will help your doctor ask further questions so as to help build your ideal plan.

Most health centre do physician consults only after the full body check up is done. We believe there is great need to do this before the tests are done as well.

Here is the link to access the medical history form – click here

If you would like us to help you with an online physician consult or a 2nd opinion ..  Please click here on this link

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Get Discounted Full Body Checkup - ChooseDoctor Form
Full Body Checkup Form – ChooseDoctor


Once you have you final list of tests to be done, please send us the list, the city / locality you live in. We will get back to you with full body checkup cost options from good labs.

Please note that certain tests need not be done periodically and that is for your physician to decide. Doctors are warning that some of the common medical tests routinely taken by us do more harm than good.

It also is a waste of a lot of money and could endanger your health or even your life.

Please refer to this to get an idea of what and why…  click here


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