Full Body Health Checkup Cost

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full body health checkup cost
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Full Body Health Checkup Cost

Full body health checkup has become a prime necessity in today’s world. The best gift you can give yourself or your loved ones is the gift of good health. You may have heard of full body checkup plans given by many healthcare providers. But, do you know why you should opt for one? Or have any idea what is the full body health checkup cost?

Before getting into the costing factor of health checkup, let us first know why it is important to have a regular full body health checkup with medical professionals.

In this article you will read about who requires full body checkup, it’s cost, benefits, why do you need full body health checkup and why it is avoided.

With the rise in the case of health issues due to the busy lifestyle and increase in the consumption of unhygienic food, considering a regular health checkup has become important. Mental disturbance, chronic diseases and hormonal imbalances are some of the issues people are facing.

According to WHO, there is a decline in coronary heart disease in western countries due to appropriate health measure undertaken by the respective government. Moreover, the cost of full body health checkup is also affordable which pushes people to consider preventive tests.

Who actually requires these tests?

In general, people of working age (35-40) are more prone to health issues due to hectic professional life and lifestyle. The increasing afflicted lifestyle disease is also the major concern. So people who’re prone to disease are the one who require a regular health checkup.

Once this test is undertaken and report is out, doctors would recommend certain preventive measures. Some of the preventive measures include- regular exercise, drinking clean water, balance diet and intake of fresh air. If there is any negative impact on the body or sign of disease, these measures would help in eliminating the problem.

Is the Full Body Health Checkup Expensive?


full body health checkup cost
Affordable Full Body Checkup           (Image Credits – shutterstock.com)


You may think full body health checkup cost is very high. The cost of the checkup depends on the severity of the problem and also the procedures you’re going through. Before undergoing the test, have a online check by connecting with professional doctors to know the costing of different tests. On the contrary, if you go through its benefits, you will find the full body health checkup cost is completely affordable and inexpensive in the long run.

Benefits of Full Body HealthCheckups

Preventive health checkups are must for all. They help to take care of your health right away. These full body medical checkups are comprehensive and the best way to detect health-risk factors early on.  Let us check some of the benefits:

Helps in Cutting Healthcare Costs

The primary concern of an individual is about the increasing cost of the healthcare. If a person falls prey to the disease, the regular visit to the doctor and medication will add up. Checkup could save plenty of your money in the long run and minimizes the potential health scare.

Discounts on Checkup

There are coupons and discounts using which can help in bringing down the whole body checkup price. Moreover, there are different full body health packages according to the age group that could minimize the cost.

If you compare the full body health checkup cost with the cure of diseases, it will be negligible. You don’t need to get admitted at the hospital and can choose appointments as per your convenience. This is something that costs you much less than getting admitted to the hospital.

Full body health checkups motivate you to live a healthier lifestyle. Doctors recommend certain precautionary measures that would help in keeping your body healthy. When you pay the full body health checkup cost, you are making a healthy investment towards your health. Moreover, it helps you live a more active lifestyle and live a more conscious life.

Why Do I Need A Full Body Health Checkup?

Look around you. The level of pollution has gone up. The climatic changes are more than apparent. The food we eat is no longer as pure and organic as it used to be. The stress and fast-paced lifestyle has left us no time to unwind and get one with nature. Gone are the golden days when we had a healthy environment around and less life pressure.

We often dismiss nagging symptoms and chronic pains. We ignore minor frequent illnesses. If the doctor suggests a medical checkup done, we often put it on the back burner. This is because the increasing full body health checkup cost is too high for our savings.

This is our  mistake of outweighing our health keeping full body health checkup cost as top priority. We do not realize saving a few bucks today may lead to spending thousands of rupees in the long run. There have been many cases where people face huge financial loss due sudden illness and high medication cost.

Full body health checkup is especially valuable in a country where people don’t go for regular check-ups on their own. With regular full body checkup today we can prevent chronic diseases tomorrow.

Modern Lifestyle- Silent Trap:

The modern lifestyle today has made our bodies a silent trap. We enter a state of well-being by ignoring the tiny signs given out by our bodies to help. Many people continue to suffer from health problems silently. They prefer the silent torture over paying the full body checkup price. This is something that backfires over the period of time and lead to heavy health issues

The sedentary lifestyle today is another major factor to be blamed for our failing health. Many spend more than 9 to 12 hours sitting on a chair and looking at a desktop working non-stop. The remaining hours of the day are either spent traveling or watching the idiot box called TV.

Even during the office working hours, we hardly take a break to free our body and do desk exercise. Lower back pain, neck pain and other issues seeds in our body which eventually increases.

Busy lifestyle results in neck pain and other problems and eating junk food is unhealthy
Busy Life Style And Unhealthy Eating                                                   (Image Credits – shutterstock.com)



Consumption of Junk Food:

From burger to pizza, junk foods have become a regular in every household. Be it the school going kid or working professional, junk foods have now become a part of life. Grab a packet of wafers or biscuits instead of having a healthy, wholesome breakfast. It is a trend to gorge on burgers, pizzas and other fast foods in today’s world.

Oily, salty, sugary as well as unhygienic foods has become a part of our life. These foods are nothing but the path to hospitals and health issues.

Fruits and vegetables that give our bodies the vital nutrients are often replaced with packaged juices. These are full of preservatives and unnatural sugars that do more harm than good.

No Physical Activities:

Not many of us boast an active lifestyle such as playing tennis, jogging, gymming or walking. Many don’t even walk the stairs anymore, instead use the lift to reach their floor. And even if someone is physically active, either they are doing it all wrong or working on something that is completely unfit for their body and age. There are almost nil physical activities done by people nowadays, which is largely effecting the health.

No Physical Activity And Unhealthy Activity Requires Regular Full Body Checkup
No Physical Activity And Unhealthy Activity                 (Image Credits – shutterstock.com)


Unhealthy Activities:

Many youngsters find smoking, drinking as well as recreational drugs a swag stuff.  They do not realize they may give them the kick for some time, but weaken their bodies forever.  More than 5 million cases of deaths are because of excess consumption of tobacco, while 600,000 cases are the result of second-hand smoke. Many adults indulge in heavy smoking and drinking due to work pressure. But by doing, people risk their lives.

This is nothing, but inviting danger to the health. You can read cases of lung cancer, throat cancer and kidney failure, which are the result of heavy smoking and drinking.

Instead of spending your hard-earned money on unhealthy things, why not spend on healthy checkup.  A regular checkup of body would certainly give you a good result and have a healthy lifestyle to follow.

Why Should Full Medical Health Checkup Be Your Priority?

  • A full body medical health checkup can be crucial for yours as well as your loved one’s life. It will help you remain more alert towards your health and show more productivity at the work.
  • The doctor gets an idea related to your overall health and helps spot any diseases early on. It also helps the doctor to advise right measures to prevent any major illness.
  • The results of a full body checkup help you get timely and responsive medical care. You as well as your loved ones can live a safe, healthy life once the reports are clear.

In case of any problems with the report, you or your loved ones can reach out for solutions that are cost effective. Thus, making the whole body checkup price dismissive as compared to the health problem you may have faced.

It makes you aware of the silent killers hiding within and making your body weak gradually. These include high cholesterol levels, high sugar levels, high blood pressure, heart ailments such as palpitations, anxiety levels, stress, lipid levels, etc. These symptoms may not show in the initial stage, but if you catch them at the right moment, you can stop them increasing in the body.

What Are The Normal Costs of Full Body Checkup?

As you can see, there are many benefits of a full body preventive check up. You can checkout the different services offered by different doctors and hospitals on our website. By comparing the services, you’ll also get an idea about the cost.

Evaluate and compare the services as well as full body health checkup costs from various sources. Find the perfect checkup plan as well as whole body checkup price and fill in the form.

Normally, the full health checkup cost ranges from INR 1500 to over INR 5000. This depends on the city, hospital and the package you choose.

Why People Ignore checkup and how ChooseDoctor can help?

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One of the reasons why people avoid body assessment is because of the irregular full body health checkup cost charged by different medical professionals.

Some of the reasons are:

Change in the Lifestyle Behaviour:

One of the reasons of avoiding medical checkup is the specific recommendations from the doctor after the outcome of checkup results. Many don’t agree with the change in the lifestyle. Also, some dislike taking medication. This expected negative outcomes make it impossible to undergo a regular checkup.

Quality of the Medical Checkup:

Many fear that the checkup procedure with the doctor wouldn’t be effective and could charge up more for nothing. No proper infrastructure or recommendations from doctors create negativity among people.

No Need of Medical Care:

People generally carry a perception that by taking up fewer medications they would be fine. This perception can be wrong over the period of time when the problem increases. “Improve over the time” thought generally goes wrong and invites major health problem.

Unreasonable Cost:

The whole body checkup cost could lead to a huge bill, which people feel unreasonable and avoid visiting the doctor. The cost of the checkup includes the time, procedure, and consultation after the report. If the patient receives negative report, then it would lead to an additional cost.

According to the medical expert, before you head towards the procedure, check the doctors’ qualification, infrastructure available, and list of tests to be done. Here, professional medical service providers ChooseDoctor comes to the role. Compared to other medical services, ChooseDoctor ensures that you get the best medical check up at the best  price.

With ChooseDoctor, you can get transparent service and complete privacy over the information shared to the professionals. Also one can get upto 35% discount over the service that will certainly save the money.

ChooseDoctor makes it very easy for clients to get their annual preventive health checkup done. You can evaluate, choose and select the health care packages right under one roof. To get the service done, fill up the free Risk Assessment Form from the site itself for further process.

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Indicative prices for Full Body Checkup in Mumbai and across the country.

NM Medical Mumbai Gold-Female Rs. 6950
NM Medical Mumbai Gold-Male Rs. 6950
NM Medical Mumbai Gold Plus -Female Rs. 9950
NM Medical Mumbai Gold Plus-Male Rs. 9950
NM Medical Mumbai Platinum-Female Rs. 17500
NM Medical Mumbai Platinum-Male Rs. 17500
Thyrocare Technologies Limited Mumbai Wellness Silver Male Rs. 3999
Thyrocare Technologies Limited Mumbai Wellness Silver Female Rs. 4999
Thyrocare Technologies Limited Mumbai Wellness Gold Male Rs. 4999
Thyrocare Technologies Limited Mumbai Wellness Gold Female Rs. 5999
Thyrocare Technologies Limited Mumbai Wellness Bronze Female Rs. 3999
Thyrocare Technologies Limited Mumbai Wellness Bronze Male Rs. 2999
Thyrocare Technologies Limited Mumbai Wellness Platinum Female Rs. 6999
Thyrocare Technologies Limited Mumbai Wellness Platinum Male Rs. 5999
Picture This by Jankharia Imaging Mumbai Standard Health Package-Female Rs. 5850
Picture This by Jankharia Imaging Mumbai Standard Health Package-Male Rs. 5850
Picture This by Jankharia Imaging Mumbai Executive Heath Paclage – Female Rs. 8100
Picture This by Jankharia Imaging Mumbai Executive Health Package -Male Rs. 8100
Picture This by Jankharia Imaging Mumbai Specialized Senior Citizen Health Package – Male Rs. 11700
Picture This by Jankharia Imaging Mumbai Specialized Senior Citizen Health Package – Female Rs. 11700

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