Intrauterine Insemination – IUI Treatment Cost And Process

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IUI Treatment Cost and Process
Intrauterine Insemination – IUI Treatment

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Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) Treatment Cost

With the change in lifestyle of people across the country, there are numerous health problems which we are facing every day. One of the major health issues of the present time is infertility or the problems related to conceiving a child. The unhealthy eating, no or little physical activities are the major reasons for this problem. There are many physical and mental issues which arise when a couple fails to conceive their own child.

With the progress of the medical science in India, there are processes to conceive artificially and have your own child. If you are one of those couples who are looking for an effective treatment for pregnancy, Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is one such treatment.

IUI treatment cost is really reasonable from any other pregnancy treatment available in India.

If you desperately want your own baby, you should consider this treatment and check whether this is for you or not.

In this article, you are going to read about –

  • IUI process
  • How does this process work?
  • Preparing for IUI process
  • Preparation of the sperm
  • Insertion of Sperm
  • Follow-ups
  • Who can undergo this treatment?
  • Cost of IUI treatment
  • Risk Factors
  • Success Rates

What is Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)?

IUI is a treatment for fertility in both women and men. Also, it increase the chances of conceiving their child. It is a process of placing the partner’s sperm (donor’s sperm, in the case of donor insemination) inside the uterus of the woman to help the fertilization process.

The aim of this procedure is to increase the number of healthy sperms reaching the fallopian tube. This, in turn increases the chances of fertilization.

IUI process also involves the separation of the fast-moving healthy sperms from the sluggish sperm in laboratory.

IUI treatment is no doubt beneficial for many couples who are trying to conceive. It is especially for them who are looking for some less expensive treatment for getting pregnant. IUI treatment cost is really nominal compared to any other form of fertility treatment.

IUI process

The treatment is different for men and women. The cost of IUI treatment also depends on the couple’s health. The process involves:


The process starts from the very first day of the menstrual cycle in a month.

If you don’t use any fertility medicines, IUI process can be done within the 12th to 16th day of your monthly cycle. The day count starts from the 1st day when your periods start for the month. It requires certain blood and urine tests to confirm the date of your ovulation for the month.

In case you are using fertility medicines, for better ovulation or stimulation, you need to undergo ultrasound scan. The USG is required for tracking the formation of the eggs inside your ovaries. Once the egg fully matures, hormonal injections are given to you for the release of the egg.

So as to keep the vaginal walls separate, the doctor can insert speculum inside the vagina. A soft and flexible catheter tube will be threaded via the cervix to your womb. The next step is to insert the best and healthy sperm inside your uterus after 36-40 hours.

The best part of IUI treatment is that it doesn’t hurt you or you don’t feel any pain. It takes really less time i.e. only a few minutes. Though, few women might have a short term cramps like you have during your chums. Taking rest for a while after the procedure is done can help you through the cramps.


Frozen Sperm Sample collected from male partner in IUI Treatment Process
Frozen Sperm Sample Collected From Male Partner

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The male counterpart will have to produce a sample of sperm on the very day of the treatment. IUI treatment cost is also less than other treatments because it uses own partner’s sperm in most of the cases.

To separate the fast moving sperms from the non-moving or the sluggish ones, the sperm are washed. It remove the fluid which surrounds the sperms. Then the fast moving sperms are placed inside the catheter attached to the womb.

If you are using donor’s sperm, then frozen sperms are used. Removal of these sperms from the refrigeration unit takes place before the process. The rest of the process is same.

How does this process work?

The process is comparatively simpler than any other fertility treatment for which the cost of IUI treatment is also minimal. You have to go through the three stages while having IUI treatment:

  • Your ovulation cycle will be monitored whether you take fertility drugs or not.
  • Collection of sperm from your partner (donor, if any) for preparation of insemination.
  • Injection of the insemination into the uterus for fertilization.
Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) Process
Process Of Intrauterine Insemination – IUI

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But what if there is a blockage in the fallopian tube? It can be treated if it is not progressed to the severe stage. With the help of the doctors at the fertility clinic, you can easily deal with this situation.

Doctor would use Laparoscopy to remove the blockage from the pelvis area. It uses microscopic camera to detect the blockage. Further, it requires sonography to check the betterment of the fallopian tube. The cost of IUI treatment might go up if it includes all these steps.

Preparing for IUI process

Pre–IUI checkups are must for effective IUI treatment. You need to visit the fertility clinic for pre-IUI checkups where the doctor will check whether you are in good health or not for undergoing this procedure.

The doctor will check whether the hormonal levels and balance of your body are intact or not. It is mandatory to assure whether you and your body (uterus) can support the pregnancy or not.

The doctor will prescribe medicines for better ovulation and proper hormonal range. You need to undergo ultrasounds and blood test to monitor the ovulation and to check whether you are producing healthy eggs or not. After this, the doctor will decide the timing of the procedure.

Just before the ovulation, the LH or luteinizing hormone rises above the normal range. Your doctor might prescribe LH test to predict the exact date of ovulation.

Preparation of the sperm

With the use of alcohol or tobacco, the sperm of your male partner might be full of toxic particles. These toxic particles can harm the process of IUI.

After sperm collection from your partner (or donor), washing it thoroughly is mandatory. Because, this removes the fluids and separates the healthy sperm along with the removal of the toxic particles.

The toxic particles or the chemicals if present in the sperm can cause chemical reaction or allergies on the women counterpart. This is turn can affect the pregnancy adversely.

Properly washing and treating the sperm helps in reduction of the abdominal pain or cramps after IUI process.

The IUI success rate also increases due to the proper preparation of the sperms. Further, after washing the sperm, healthiest sperms are separated and concentrated which is used for the insemination.

Insertion of Sperm

The insertion of the sperm into the uterus is normally painless.

  • You have to lie down on bed or table for the procedure. It is similar to what you do during any other pelvic test.
  • The doctor would insert the sperm through the catheter attached to your womb.

You might bring a friend of yours to feel more comfortable or secure during the process.


To understand the effect of the IUI process, the doctor will carry out few tests after a week. You need to undergo USG and also blood test.

The blood test is for checking the levels of progesterone hormone. USG is for checking the thickening of the uterus walls.

By checking the reports of the uterus lining/wall thickening and the progesterone level, the doctor can say whether the IUI process was effective or not.

Who can undergo this treatment?

IUI treatment is done if:

  • There is any problem in having vaginal intercourse.
  • You have STD, then IUI may reduce the chances of passing the disease to your partner and child.
  • Your infertility is unexplained and you want to have your own baby.
  • You have problems in your cervical portion of your body.
  • There is any hindrance to the natural ability of the sperm to enter the womb.
  • The male counterpart has issues with ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.
  • The women having healthy fallopian tubes which are open.

This procedure is not meant for people having

  • Disease of fallopian tubes which is in severe stage.
  • If the women counterpart has some kind of severe pelvic problems or infections.
  • If the women have mild or severe problems of endometriosis.

You must sincerely do all the checkups and openly talk about all your problems to your IUI doctor. It is very important for you and the doctor to understand whether you are the right candidate for the procedure or not. If you ignore this, your life will be at risk and also IUI treatment cost will go waste.

IUI treatment Cost

The IUI treatment cost is lesser than what you can even think of. When we think about artificial insemination, we always fear the expensive treatments and huge medical bills. But this is not the case of IUI. The IUI cost in India is very nominal and within the range of INR 3000 to INR 5000 (the figure are based on current costs and are only indicative and subject to change).

Further, with the inclusion of other medical tests like Ultrasound or hormonal tests, the IUI treatment cost might increase to a maximum of INR 10000. It normally varies between INR 5000 to INR 10000 including all the related procedures and tests.

It is always a better option for the couples seeking help with their fertility issues within a minimum budget. The IUI cost in India also varies according to the cities and the fertility clinics and its doctors.

Here is an IUI cost in Indian rupees for one IUI cycle for different parts/ cities of our country:

  • Mumbai- The IUI treatment cost in the financial capital of our country ranges from INR 10000 to INR 15000. It is little over the average IUI cost in India.
  • Bangalore The IUI treatment cost in the IT city of India is within the range of INR 8000 – INR 9500.
  • Kolkata- In Kolkata, the IUI treatment cost is around INR 4000 which may vary as per the fertility clinics.
  • Pune- IUI treatment Cost in Pune is around INR 4000 to INR 5000.
  • Chennai- The IUI treatment cost is within INR 4000-5000.
  • Delhi- The range of cost of IUI treatment is around INR 6000- INR 8500 in the capital city.


  • The figure are based on current costs and are only indicative and subject to change
  • Always compare the cost of IUI treatment in different fertility clinics near you before choosing one.

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Risk Factors

The side effects of using the fertility drugs may be different in different candidates. The general side effects are –

  • You might have hot flashes.
  • Depression and mood swings might be your partner during this phase.
  • Headaches, nausea, and eyesight problems
  • Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome which causes swollen ovaries with heavy pain.
  • Cysts in the ovaries might occur.
  • The site where the injection was done might get swollen and infected.

Though these problems are mild and occur only in a few candidates. However, if you feel uncomfortable after using the fertility drugs, always contact the doctor.

Another major risk with the IUI treatment is having multiple pregnancies. Though having multiple pregnancies can really make you happy as a couple after years of infertility but the babies might be at risk.

Premature delivery is also on the list of the risk factors involved with IUI.

Success Rates

Pregnant Couple visiting doctor after IUI Treatment
Couple Visiting Doctor After IUI Treatment

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The success rate varies according to the age of the women in the IUI process. In India, for women:

  • Under 35 years: The rate of success in IUI is 10%-20%.
  • Over 35 years and under 40: The rate is 10%
  • Over 40 years: The rate is a mere 2% to 5%.

Before saying yes to the IUI procedure, you must talk to your doctor in details about all the risks and success rate according to your body type.

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