Knee Replacement Surgery Cost In India

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One of the main reasons for high Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in India is the use of quality implants
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What is Knee Replacement Surgery?

Good knees are the essential part of active and healthy life style. However, in case of injury or arthritis, the ability to flex your knees become difficult and cause pain. Over time, the damage progresses and it becomes difficult and painful. Hence, it affects the daily activities. Knee replacement surgery or Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) is the common solution to this. It provides pain relief. Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in India is high and it depends on many factors.

When do I need knee replacement surgery?

A total knee replacement is required when the knee joint is no longer able to function correctly. It may be due to any disease, age, injury or impact trauma. Once the knee joint deteriorates to the point where it is causing significant pain and is impacting your life, it needs to be replaced. The goal is to eliminate the pain and restore the functioning of the knee joint.


Osteoarthritis is one of the main reasons why Knee replacement surgery is done
Osteoarthritis Disease

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The most common condition which brings the need of knee replacement surgery is osteoarthritis. It is a degenerative form of arthritis which wears away at the cartilage in the knee and is usually present in people over the age of 50. Therefore results in the bone rubbing together and the knee joint no longer absorbs the shock. Hence, makes walking and everyday activity extremely painful.


Knee Replacement Surgery can be done for treating gout disease
Knee Replacement surgery for Gout in Knee

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Gout is a kind of arthritis. It causes an attack of sudden burning, pain, stiffness, and swelling in the joint. These attacks happen over and over unless gout is treated. However, it is most common in men.


A full knee replacement is sometimes needed when injury has caused irreversible damage to the knee joint.

Impact trauma and blowout knees:

Sports Injury Might lead to Knee replacement surgery in later life
Blowout knees or Impact Trauma from Sports

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Sports injuries involving impact trauma can lead to the gradual weakening of the knee ligaments. This may require knee replacement in later life.

Blowout knees are most common in high-impact sports such involving high-speed changes of direction, such as football, basketball and hockey. Around 5-10% of all blowout knee injuries require a full knee replacement in later years.

Factors responsible for the cost of knee replacement surgery:

It is helpful for the patients and their family to have knowledge of pre-operative and post-operative costs including medication. Financial aspects of knee replacements are an important consideration for many patients. Thus, it is good to have an estimate of various costs in a total knee replacement.

Knee replacement surgery cost-during surgery:

  • Surgeons fees, anaesthesiologist and assistants fees
  • Implant cost
  • Operation theatre charges
  • Surgery consumables charges, medicines and anaesthesia
  • High flexion knee implants
  • Blood transfusion, if applicable
  • Post operation X-ray and haemoglobin charges

Knee Replacement surgery cost-Post surgery:

After the surgery, it requires hospitalization for next 4-5 days for post-operative rehabilitation. It includes guided movement in the presence of a trained physiotherapist and pain-relief medications. Cost incurred during this period are:

  • Medications for pain relief
  • Physiotherapy and other rehabilitation
  • Consumables (dressings) and cost of crutches
  • Post-surgery hospitalization for patient

These charges are explained below in detail.

Inpatient Charges: Inpatient charges are charges that occur while you’re in the hospital. Ask about a possible discount or payment plan before scheduling your surgery.

Outpatient Charges: Outpatient refers to services that occur when you are not in the hospital. Inpatient procedure and hospital charges represent the largest portion of your total treatment charges. This includes pre and post operation charges, physio therapy, follow-up visits with your doctor.

Pre-Surgical Preparation: It consists of a consultation or office visit, imaging and lab work (radiology scans, blood tests, cultures, panel tests). It varies with age. Eg. Someone who is older will require more lab work than younger patient. Because, older patient is more likely to have pre-existing medical conditions.

Hospital stay and surgery: Hospital will bill you for your hospital stay, time spent in the operating room, and other hospital services. This may vary in case of pre-existing conditions and complications.

Post-surgical care:  It includes:

  • Outpatient physical therapy services
  • The tools and treatments used in physical therapy
  • Outpatient follow-up


Additional Costs:

After knee replacement surgery, patients start on the road to rehabilitation. Following the procedure, you need to undergo physical therapy to regain the strength in your newly-repaired leg.

First of all, some additions to your living space can be made to ensure comfort during recovery. These include toilet seat risers, safety bars, a shower bench, and even a modified first-floor living area to eliminate the need for stairs.

The lifespan of current knee replacements can range from 10 to 15 years to even longer.

Knee Replacement Surgery cost in India:

The cost of knee replacement surgery is around 5-6 lakhs for implants used which are imported. The cost is higher in metro cities due to higher infrastructural rates and taxes.

These charges usually exclude pre-operative investigations, any charges for hospital stay beyond the length of stay, blood and blood products and cross reference doctors charges.

The below-mentioned costs are an approximate range for knee replacement surgeries, meant as a guide:

Type of Surgery Approximate Cost range in Lakhs (INR) inclusive of all in hospital charges
Single knee replacement 2.0-3.2
Bilateral Knee Replacement-Single Sitting 3.5-6.0
Bilateral Knee Replacement-Staged 4.0-6.4


Insurance for knee replacement surgery in India:

Insurance for knee replacement surgery in India is offered by many insurance providers. But many people don’t know that claim reimbursement is applicable only after the minimum waiting period of 3 years depending on the insurer. That is why claims are rejected by the insurance companies. Please find out more from your insurance agent/company. However, patients should always contact their provider for coverage information.

Patients need to talk to their surgeon beforehand and acquire all the essential documents. Authorization from the medical insurance company is required before you schedule your surgery, for them to validate the claim.

It is advised to buy health insurance after you reach the age of 30. In this way it covers critical illnesses when you really need it.

The coverage which the insurance companies offer varies depending on:

  • Waiting period which is normally greater than 3 years
  • Partial or full coverage offered depending on claim amount, hospital expenses etc.
  • Pre-existing diseases are covered when declared in the beginning

Advantages of Knee Replacement Surgery in India:

Many people from US prefer coming to India for Knee replacement surgery. Following are the reasons:

  • The hospitals in India have world class and patient friendly infrastructure with national and international certifications and accreditations.
  • The hospitals have highly sophisticated and advanced technology which helps using the minimally invasive techniques. This helps in lesser pain, lesser blood loss and reduced risks of infection. Also, better surgery outcomes and faster recovery
  • The knee replacement surgeons have a vast experience of working with the best hospitals around the world.

The chart below shows the cost comparison of knee replacement surgery in India and other countries:

Procedure Knee USA ($) Singapore ($) UK ($) India ($) (Approx.)
Both knees replacement in single sitting 40000 10000 13000 8570
Knee replacement (unilateral) 32000 25000 38000 4570
Knee replacement (bilateral) 13500 13000 13000 9140


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