Preventive Health Checkup And It’s Importance

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Preventive Health checkup to track body changes for any abnormal activity within the body
Preventive Health Checkup To Track Changes In Body

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Preventive Health Checkup

The progress in medical research and development has resulted in longer life span. An increase in lifespan is really good but the quality of life is degrading due to preventable diseases. Elderly people are getting chronic diseases repeatedly which are making their daily lives difficult. In this article, you will read about importance of preventive health checkup, methods of preventive care, measures to be taken at home, things to keep in mind before preventive health checkups, advantages, who should get preventive health checkups etc.

There are millions who die every year due to various chronic diseases. Most common diseases are cardiovascular problems, respiratory issues, diabetes, unintentional cuts and infectious diseases. In 2011, the World Health Organization estimated 55 million deaths. 2/3 of 55 million died out of non-communicable diseases. 60% of the deaths in 2000 were due to these diseases only.

Preventive healthcare that is how to maintain your body, tracking body changes can prevent a disease from the very beginning. It is one of the most important methods to care for your body and health. It has already resulted in the prevention of many diseases and deaths occurring from them worldwide.


What is Preventive Health Checkup?

Preventive Health Checkup can be described as taking preventive measures for lifelong good health. These are the preventive healthcare measures which one should incorporate in his or her daily life to prevent diseases. Healthcare prevention is the idea of preventing a disease or to detect and treat it at the very beginning.

There is an old saying “prevention is better than cure” and preventive healthcare is based on this particular thought. Environmental factors, the lifestyle of people, genetic issues affect people’s health and also influence diseases. There are many diseases which take no time to spread even before the patient understands the symptoms, the disease might have grown big inside.

Preventive care helps people to control the occurrence of such disease. It becomes easy to treat any disease with preventive healthcare measures. You must start preventive healthcare measures at an early phase of life. When the person is in his 30’s when there is no illness, and then it will affect and help the most.

For a healthier lifestyle, one needs to adopt healthier options even at the cost of their likings or desires. For example, even if you life burgers and pizzas, but you must have homemade food. This is to prevent extra intake of calories which will, in turn, might affect your cholesterol level and thereby your heart.

The most important part of Preventive Health Checkup is the right amount of food intake which must be healthy and fresh, an adequate amount of sleep, daily exercise and avoiding any drugs like tobacco or a large amount of alcohol or sugar etc. Healthy habits are the keys to your good preventive health and happiness.

Importance of Preventive Health Checkup

When a disease affects your body, it starts to manipulate various factors of your body. There are many symptoms which you can only notice when the disease has progressed to a severe stage.

Any chronic disease is a threat to life and is also very difficult to treat. Diagnosis of diseases becomes easy at an early stage by practicing preventive healthcare procedures. Preventive care procedures such as regular health checkups and consulting your doctor on a periodic basis will help a lot. This will also help in easy treatment for the disease and further occurrence.

Preventive health measures are important because they not only help in treating disease from the beginning but also help in prevention. It has gained huge importance in the recent times because of our lifestyle changes. People work for several hours and even during the night to match the time of their client. Working in MNCs hardly get rest as they are always occupied with work.

People with busy lifestyle need to go for preventive health checkup as they get less rest and are at the risk of disease
People With Busy Lifestyle Must Go Preventive Health Checkup

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Due to work pressure, food habits changes. Most people face the sleeping problems and cannot get enough sleep. All these leads to health problems, mental issues, depression, and many other chronic diseases.

To prevent all these, healthy lifestyle along with yearly or half-yearly medical checkups is really important. You must plan and execute a proper preventive healthcare process to prevent falling prey to chronic diseases.

Levels of Precaution

There are four levels of preventive care for your health which are primal, primary, secondary and tertiary.

  • Primal level: It starts from the day a mother conceives her child. Measures are taken to prevent the child’s health inside the womb and it continues till the first birthday of the child. It is done to protect the child from any physical problems and diseases.
  • Primary Level: This level includes the healthy habit one should adopt to be healthy. It includes immunization against particular diseases at an early age, healthy diet along with regular fitness regime. Avoiding smoking or drinking alcohol is also a part of it.
  • Secondary level: It includes tests for high blood pressure, cancer screening, and hypertension on regular basis to keep an eye on health.
  • Tertiary level: If the disease has progressed, it should be stopped immediately with medication or surgical procedure.

Methods of Preventive Care

Preventive Care measures include various methods ranging from homely precautions to health checkups and medication.

  • Don’t neglect medical checkups once a year even though you are healthy and fine. Go for medical checkups to your nearest clinic to assure good health. Preventive Health checkups are done for screening diseases. Risk factors of various diseases are identified through these screenings. And finally, discuss the results with the doctor for betterment of your health and lifestyle.
  • Provide boosters and immunization at regular intervals from the birth of a child.
  • It includes screening for HIV, STD, gonorrhea, syphilis, Chlamydia, mammography, cervical cancer, colorectal cancer as preventive measures.
  • Regular checkups for hypertension, high blood pressure, depression, diabetes is necessary.
  • Genetically transferred diseases are another big reason to worry. Breast or ovarian cancer screening is must for women in their 20s if their mother or grandmother had the same. Other genetic issues can also be dealt with proper preventive care.
  • You must avoid smoking or any other tobacco use. Control your drinking habits if you are fond of drinking alcohol.
  • Must have a balanced diet with the right amount of nutrients. You must also take exact amount of calorie for your body type and age per day.
  • You need an hour of exercise at least 3 days a week. Learn aerobic, freehand and other techniques to lose weight and be in shape. Obesity can increase the chances of diseases like heart problems, depression, a certain form of cancers as well as type-2 diabetes.
  • You need to perform test for colon cancer, osteoporosis, and similar disease if the doctor thinks it is necessary for your body.
  • Try to inhale fresh air and try to keep your room fresh and germ-free. Keep the windows open so that your room can be airy and have natural light.

Learning Preventive care measures at Home

Prevention starts from home and one need to learn these below mentioned tricks to understand any health problem from the very beginning.

  • Check for the occurrence of any lump or blisters on your body.
  • Try losing weight naturally by maintaining your diet and fitness regime.
  • If a fever lasts for more than 3 days, go to the doctor and have a blood test done.
  • Coughing for more than a week or two can be dangerous.
  • Pains and ache in different body parts which last for longer
  • Blood or change in the color of stool and urine.
  • Sore skin or irritation or itching that stays.
  • Any other body changes which is new to you and which is there for a long time.

If you find any of these symptoms, immediately go for medical checkups. If you delay check-ups, the disease might get worse in short span of time.

Things to keep in mind before preventive health checkups

There are certain things which can influence your health checkup results. You must take care of the following factors before heading for a preventive health checkup –

  • Most of the blood tests, USG are done in empty stomach. Ask your doctor about the requirement for the test. Minimum of 12-15 hours of fasting is required for most of the tests conducted.
  • You must wear loose clothes.
  • You must not wear any jewelry or metallic things.
  • If there is a pacemaker in your body, inform the doctors at first place.

Who need Preventive health checkups?

People who should consider going for preventive health checkup
Age Group Of People Who Should Go For Preventive Health Checkup

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In the past few years, it has been observed that people within the age group of 35-65, affected by various lifestyle diseases. Men above the age of 35 and women with an age of 40+ must go for preventive health checkups once a year. If there are any hereditary diseases in the family, you must do preventive health checkup of your child from the age of 10 only.

Advantages of Preventive Health Checkup

  • Preventive measures boost your energy level as you practice healthy food habits and adequate sleep and other activities.
  • You can see the increase in your productivity level once you start taking care of your health by practicing preventive measures and methods.
  • Back pain, headache or pain in other body parts will decrease significantly and with time you won’t even have to suffer for pain.
  • Beside physical benefit, preventive measures provide monetary benefit as well. Medical treatments are really very expensive these days. If you prevent the diseases from occurring, then there is no question of spending money on curing them.
  • Increase in lifespan along with better lifestyle and better health.
  • With physical discomfort, the patients can suffer mental disturbance too. With preventive measures, all these can be easily dealt with.
  • Early diagnosis of chronic diseases thereby providing proper treatment to cure it with ease.
  • We can also help the medical institution by properly following and practicing preventive measure. For instance, if more and more people follow this process, then diseases will decrease and accordingly the pressure on these medical institutes will minimize. This way, the institutes can work more efficiently towards them who actually require their help.

How to invest for your Preventive Health Checkup?

You can save a little portion of your money for yearly health checkups. You can invest that money into health insurance which covers preventive health checkups.

There are many medical institutes which provide free health checkups to promote preventive healthcare India for many chronic diseases. You can easily avail the benefit from those institutes. Free checkups under preventive healthcare India are also provided for prevention of diseases.

There are many employers who invest in the health of their employees. You can always use these opportunities to keep your health intact by going for health checkups.

Why should you practice Preventive Health Checkup?

The expenses of preventive health checkup are negligible that the treatment of the disease
Prevention Is Better Then Cure

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Chronic diseases not only affect the patient but the whole family. It is because, the family of the patient has to deal with all the official work in a hospital when the patient is admitted. They also have to take care of the patient, their medicines and most importantly finances.

Preventive Health Checkup facilities can save the patient as well as the family members. The expenses for preventing diseases are negligible if compared to the cost of medical treatments. Homely care and healthy lifestyle along with few medical checkups can keep you and your family healthy and that is why you need adopt preventive measures.

With the passage of time preventive healthcare in India is getting the limelight. The health problems can be solved to a great extent with this major step.

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